Laptop help needed Please!


    Am hoping that someone can help. I am looking to purchase a laptop from Addtions Direct (can use the Take 3 interest 3 payment option) and looking for the best value for money.

    Am after 3 to 4 gig ram, min 250 gig hard drive, good for listening to music, watching movies (on laptop and via tv), downloading and for work presentations/some media publishing.

    It has to be quite slim and light! as will be portable quite a bit! ..Forgot to add...and have a good battery life (",)

    Have also seen the Apple Macs, but do not know a lot about them!

    Any assistance appreciated.


    I would not get from additions as there Laptops are over priced, ( in my opinion) if you can get a tesco credit card buy now pay in 12 months, Gives you the option to shop around.(if that's an option that you are able to take?!)

    Original Poster

    Yes thats not a problem, but which laptop? :?

    Can anyone help please?

    Do you need HDMi, What sort of presentational software will you be needing,
    I have used Mac for a while now and would highly recommend them, Simple OS, Does not crash so much, or a least when I had a PC the OS was a nightmare (vista) heard 7 is better, If you do like Windows then you can duel run anyway.
    For presentations iworks is great, not included only a trail run, but very easy ( cost is about 50 pounds ).
    Downside with Macs they are Expensive, but they do hold there money..Best thing is to go to the shops and have a play around.
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