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Just wondering if anyone can advise me as I know nothing at all about computers! I have had a Dell laptop for 2/3 years, a couple of weeks ago it died so I took it to my local computer shop they have ran a diagnostic check on it and have just phoned to say it is the hard drive that needs replacing. It is going to cost £205 altogether, but what is puzzling me is that I have to pay £79 for a new Windows to be installed, would this be right? Also it seems a lot of money as you can pick laptops up for not much more that this? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I would ask for a full breakdown of what they are charging.

A laptop hard drive is roughly £35 (unless you need something bigger)"+Laptop+Drive+8MB+?productId=34186

Labour should be no more than 2 hours

And if you have CD's that came with your laptop then you wont need the Windows installation they are trying to sell you. It sounds as if they are banking on you being ignorant on that.

Check if you have the disks - if you do its fairly straightforward to do it yourself if they fit the new drive for you. The following guide may help:…asp

Hope this helps. i used to run a small computer shop (That didnt rip people off)

If you dont have the Windows disks then Dell should be able to supply you with a restore disk for that model for just a few pounds.

You already paid for Windows when you bought that laptop so should not have to pay for it again.

Dont let them rip you off.

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Thanks for your help. The breakdown of charges are:-
£46.00 for hardrive
£79.00 for windows
£35.00 for Labour
£45.00 for Diagnostic test
I will check for the windows disk when I get home, but we have moved house 3 times in the last 2 years so it could be anywhere!

What do they charge you if you say thanks for what you have done so far, now can I have my puter back?

You could then buy a hard drive separately and reload windows with restore discs.

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Hi, it will be £45 for the diagnostic check that I will have to pay if I collect the laptop now. Thanks again
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