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I am getting a bit lost with all the possibilities - ram, processor, hard drive, ssd, models etc of laptops!

I have a budget of £500 - £650 to spend on a laptop to use for day to day browsing, tv/film streaming, photo editing.

My old and nearly kaput laptop was a Toshiba Satelite L670-12J...Any help and advice would be appreciated so I have a bit of an idea what to go for and what to avoid

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Just remember you don't need a great named laptop, as all the components inside with either be Intel, nvidia, Acer, Asus for example, for video editing you need a fairly good cpu and gpu, you should in your budget find a nice one to do the job, I don't unfortunately have the time to search for you, but why not Google laptop reviews/ just my advice though if you want to future proof it for a few years go for a 3-4gb gpu, i7 cpu, at least 16gb ram and a ssd for speed

i agree with the above but your budget might struggle to get that spec.
i love toshibas and hate Acers.
a decent Toshiba, i5 with 8gb ram and a 250ssd for about £500 will be perfect

or even this :…HAQ
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So glad you posted this OP as I am on the same boat. I will use mine only for browsing, occasional streaming, document writing and editing go pro footage

ok its a 6200u processor and someone is gonna moan cause its a u but its just an example

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Thank you! I don't mind saving a bit more to get a something a little more powerful

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Any other suggestions? I don't mind saving up a bit more

You never said about video editing hence your budget is enough most likely.
SSD, i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, built in Intel Graphic.
SSD with wear leveling…tml

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No I wont be using it for video editing really just basic stuff converting vids.

When comparing laptops use the CPU benchmark site to see how fast the processer is. The higher the score the more powerful it is.
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