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Found 4th Feb
Hi, I’m wanting to get a new laptop for running a breeding program on, saving related documents on, maybe a bit of browsing and social media.

im not well up on specs no more as I’ve been using an iPad for several years, I’ve got £200 give or take but if I can get a decent one for less I’d be happy. Preferably 4GB ram minimum. Can anyone point me in the right direction please
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I do have another laptop so it doesn’t need to do more than I’ve mentioned…ADQ

That and then add a ssd in a couple of months.
£200 budget is a hard ask.
I would strongly recommend going second hand if you only want to spend £200. The new ones at that price cut down beyond all sense and will be a headache in a year or two's time.
Thanks for your comments. I found a refurb on amazon which I was inclined not to but I noticed many weren’t HDD. It had 6 good reviews and there was only one left so I went for it. It’s a Lenovo thinkpad T420 Notebook. Intel i5-2520M, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Windows 10. I just hope it’s not utter ****. I’ve had a refurbed DELL desktop a bit back and had no problems so I figured it will be fine quality wise.
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That's a decent enough machine, although they generally go for closer to £100 than £200.
Oh well, so long as it suits my needs I’ll be happy. Reviews swung it in the end
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