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    basically my dad is after a bit of a multimedia laptop around 400-500 quid id say, after a 15.5" screen and one that has a hdmi out with a disc drive, and ooks nice

    he's pretty tempted with going down a sony vaio route i think and im sure one of those would do the job but i know people can pick up good deals on the dell outlet, isit wort going down this route? is there anything people would particularly reccomend?



    Is this any good?

    I know what you are saying about Sony & to an extent Dell, but a lot of Dell Compts dont get good feedback.

    Sony is a great name and brand don't get me wrong - but what you 'want' and what you can get for a set budget are often not always the same...

    However, I have to be the first to say i am by no means an expert in this - but looking at a fairly reasonably proced Vaio and (say) Acer - it looks like the Acer will come out on top.

    However, the decision is yours as I am sure you will know what you are after .....



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    yeah i know it does seem acer get a bit better in the reviews, tbh is say multimedia laptop and that a bit of an exageration, its for music and streaming a few things really.. just running spotify and doing a bit of his work, i just foudn that some people seemed to get high powered dell's at the outlet really cheap and i dont personally find the acers particularly nice to look at,

    really its a 15.5" that will run things fairly well, looks nice, has a disc drive, a hdmi out for a bit of tv flexibility and there the things really, HD screen would be a bit of a bonus but most current laptops have these thins do they not?

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    just read up on that acer and it sounds pretty darn nice, dont look too shabby either thanks for popping it up any other suggestions appreciated

    Have a look at this Vaio (Core i3) for £499.99 from Play. Its great....
    Vaio EB1E0E /WI

    I got this model ( new) from Argos's ebay outlet for £360. Great so far. Vaio laptops do pop up at Argos's ebay outlet but they sell out pretty fast. If you keep checking that page regularly I am sure you can get a good deal.

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    cool cheers for the tip, was looking at the VPC-EE2E1E much difference you know?

    Never used a laptop with AMD processor before. VPC-EE2E1E is a dual core (Athlon II) processor compared to i3 on VPC-EB1E0E, which is better. If the price difference is not too much I would still stick to the i3.

    Also, watch Sony's own clearance site. I have seen some cracking deals there.…CE/

    You Could try looking in Aldi they quite often have good offers on Medion Laptops. They tend to packed with features at a good price and good build with three year warranty. I have both a Medion Laptop and a desktop system. I'm have had no problem with either and a very happy.

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    ye i noticed that latest aldi offer, there just big old units and not the prettiest unfortunately but seem well speced, cheers for the headsup on that sony outlet ill keep an eye out!
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