Laptop Help Please - Compaq Presario C500

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Found 30th Jan 2010

i have recently got a Compaq Presario C500, and am having trouble with windows 7.

everytime i try and switch the laptop on, it freezes on the windows start up screen, to get it to work i need to go through start up repair and even this crashes 6-7 times out of 10.

i have scanned the HDD and thats coming up as fine, it boots up fine under safe mode. once on it works fine, but if i turn it off then on again my troubles start all over again

please help im pulling my hair out


Is it a new computer that came pre installed with Win-7 or are you trying to upgrade?

If you are trying to upgrade, did you do a ]compatibility check?

Boot into Windows in safe mode and then do a "system restore"

Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore

Return it

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its not new, it was on vista but changed to win 7, but it had same problem when it was on vista

I would say restore it

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I would say restore it

i have to restore it everytime i want to use it, i have restored it back to the first restore point, still not working

When you say it works fine, is that completely fine or do you get programs crashing on you and other 'minor' errors?

Was the Windows 7 install a clean install or an upgrade from Vista (i.e. did you wipe the install of Vista first)?

I'm inclined to think it's a hardware problem, the only thing left to try is either a clean install of Windows (i.e. delete the current one first) or try a Linux LiveCD that runs from the disk and see if that shows any problems.

Some possibly helpful info


I would suggest trying
Go through startup step by step confirmation see what step fails and use that to investigate further
Go to compaq support site and ensure you have all relevant updates if any.
Clean install from a disk
Loading another operating system. Ubuntu is free. See if this runs ok without errors to try and rule out a hardware issue.
swapping out the hard drive if you can (depending on what you scanned with it may not have picked up the problem)

basically you need ways that eliminate different factors and close in on the problem.


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