Laptop HELP! Pleeease

    Hi ppl

    Been searching for a laptop and narrowed down to these 2. My budget is max £500. I noticed these 2 as I am looking for Vista pre installed, a nice ergonomic keyboard overall a stylish laptop on a budget.

    These 2 caught my eye.

    Toshiba Laptop:…751

    Compaq Laptop:…751

    Your advice will be much appreciated.



    I wouldn't bother with the Comcrap skippy....Go for the Tosh out of those 2...:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks mate, so the Toshiba..the dell laptops looks good but have heard a lot of cons...however I have just seen this as well! lol…h=1

    What about this compared to the Toshiba?

    The Dab one I wouldn't touch and the tesco one I wouldn't touch as that is celeron and the dab only has 512mb ram...You want a 1 gb at least...

    This Acer isn't bad for the money with a1gb of ram and a Turion 2ghz processor...But I still like the Tosh and its on special at the moment...…751

    I think the Toshiba is the best out of these..don't forget 6% quidco cashback with PCWORLD.
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