laptop help plz

    i already got a laptop but i noticed that its getting very hot is this normal
    i expected a little heat but this is really hot
    i know this aint the right forum but didnt know where else to try


    Hi wifey :- moved the thread here as this is not appropriate in Deal Requests forum

    Where does it get hot?
    I have a Dell and two Medion Laptops. The Dell gets really hot underneath and the Medions get quite hot.
    I think it is 'normal.

    Well depends where your putting the Laptop when you are using it, even though they are reffered to as Laptops they don't go to well when you put them on your lap as this usually blocks certain vents under the pc and stops cool air from being drawn in and hot air from being expelled, and of course when this happens the pc gets very hot...

    Best thing to do is put it on a flat surface like a desk or table so as air can be drawn in through the gap between laptop and desk, keeping the pc nice and cool..

    This in turn will help to keep all components nice and cool thus assuring Longevity of your laptop...;-)

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    hi its a medion and gets hot on the bottom .. its my daughters and she lies on her bed with it... i will give her a tray or somthing to put it on... thanks

    If you are concerned about the heat you can also buy cooling lap pads.


    If you are concerned about the heat you can also buy cooling lap pads.

    Yeap... Something like this....
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