Laptop help! Speakers all crackly

Wonder if anyone can help, I have had an acer laptop for around 8months now, and I just upgraded it to windows 7, now my audio is all crackly and distorted, I have reinstalled the drivers for the sound cards twice in 2 different ways and it still does not work. Is this a problem with my graphics card?




did you try installing different drivers or just reinstall the same ones? in tho old days i'd blame it on the wrong IRQ settings but that's really going back.

if you've only tried the ones windows 7 found, they try getting the drivers straight from the manufacturer's website, get vista ones if you can't find them for 7.

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I have deleted the drivers and restarted and let windows download them when laptop came back on, that did not work so I went through Acer's website directly and downloaded them, but the file was called "Audio_Realtek_v." so I have taken them to be the vista ones... ?

goto your sound control and try shifting the balance of your speakers between left and right. Play around with some of the settings, this happened to me and from trial and error i found a problem with my right speaker.

I've seen this problem before - basically your Acer laptop is not compatable with Win7 - Ask Acer themselves.... They will tell you the same.


Ahahahahahaha absolute rubbish.


I have a friend who has same problem Acer has not been able to help whatsover they suggested he go back to Vista in the end.


It was a rediculous comment and complete rubbish. Manufacturers always … It was a rediculous comment and complete rubbish. Manufacturers always say a laptop is not compatible with any OS that didn't come with it. Also Acer don't even make the parts so how would they know. All you need to go is go to who ever makes the sound cards website and get the drivers.

OK - we'll see if the OP ever gets it sorted (Doubt they will without going back to previous OS) :thumbsup:

Also, my friend with the Acer has also tried every driver ever released for their soundcard - this had mixed results from not working at all to still the crackly sound.
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