Laptop Help - under £250

Hey, i'm looking for a replacement laptop but have no clue what to go for.

It needs the following in order of importance (most to least)

HDMI socket to connect to TV

Can handle a decent workload (at least 3 tabs open without slowing to a crawl/can stream videos smoothly)

320gb HDD minimum

Would help if it could play games like Fallout new vegas or MW2 at low spec but thats a long shot i know.

battery life doesnt have to be amazing, but at least 3 hours

Primary use will be during my commute (1 hour each way) and working/watching films at home

any tips would be appreciated as i know next to nothing about them, was happy with my nc10 till it started slowing down and now its as useful as a game boy colour



Sorry bud for £250 your so limited, I really would hate to say anything as the chances are it won't be much better than what you already have.

If you want to speed up your NC10, ask a friend, family or work colleague who is a bit of a geek to help you out. Will be a lot cheaper and will probably end up better than something new in your budget range.
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