laptop help..which is the best?

    my laptop broke and is non repairable... It was an acer aspire but has been discontinued. my insurance company has given me £450 to get a new one from comet. Can someone who has a spare few mins do me a favour and look at the laptops under this price and tell me which is the best..or best features for a laptop to have. thanks and rep to helpers.



    the hp g62-105 at 449 looks like the winner to me

    nice i3 processor,


    the hp g62-105 at 449 looks like the winner to menice i3 processor,



    or pay £20 on top to get the acer with the i3 if you prefer

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    whats the i3? i have seen lots of threads on here saying dont touch a hp laptop that they are rubbish.

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    im sorry its all foreign to me. im not good with computers. As long as i can do my uni work..go on net and store pictures and music on it..then thats all i need.


    id much rather a HP than a packard bell, and its only a core duo, so not as good in spec either


    get this one…1WG

    Your right about HP's being rubbish and you won't notice the small increase in performance with an i3 with what your doing, so you might as well get whats likely to be the most reliable, a Toshiba

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    thanks...any other suggestions?
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