Laptop - Ideally less than £300

    I am looking for a laptop as my old desktop is on its way out and ideally not looking to spend more than £300.

    Most of the time I plan to have the Laptop connected to my 37" LCD and will be buying a wireless keyboard and mose for ease of use

    Main things it will be used for

    > Checking emails
    > Web browsing
    > The odd bit of photo manipulation / editing

    My other option is a small base unit and just have it sitting next to my TV and have it running through my TV but not sure whats best to do


    I think your cheapest option is to buy a hard drive and keyboard. Especially if you are planning on keeping it in the same place all the time, laptops are really only ideal for travel use, not permanent heavy home usage.

    You could consider something like ]This

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    You could consider something like ]This

    I presume this would connect to a LCD TV?
    Think I have seen these on with a 160gb drive for about £9 more

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    My LCD TV is a Samsung LE37S86BD and the only spare connection on the back says PC IN (is this VGA?)which is a blue connection with little holes and then a screw slot on either side of the connection.

    Not up on PC's so just wondering if this will connect to my TV as don't want to purchase it onlien to find out it wont connect to my 37" LCD TV

    Yeah, it will connect up ok:thumbsup:
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