laptop is poorly fake windows warnings

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Found 6th Nov 2008
It keeps springing up fake security centre warnings,ive run spybot its found the problem but cannot fix it,any ideas?


What does the fake message say?

Try typing the exact fake warning message into google. You should get numerous step by step solutions and info regarding the issue.

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it pops up in a security centre window that looks good but says the computer is infected,click here to sort the problem (i havent clicked it as my zonealarm goes crazy when it pops up)


If the warnings arent fake - Only way to fix this i think is to reinstall windows if you dont have it then buy another version, or you can download customized versions of windows from torrent site which don't need a product key so you wont receive a warning

if they are fake then google is your best friend

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I think they are fake as ive turned off security centre warnings and double checked its all still off and this box still keeps popping up

Do a System Restore just to be certain.

Use a combination of spybot, spyware terminator, and avg anti-spyware run scans in safe mode and delete anything infected, then use avast anit-viurs to run a boot scan and see if any ergistry files are infected, some can be deleted some will have to be put in vault this should stop you having to re-install windows. Had a similar problem myself, ahd to run about 20 scans on each to sort the problem... once you have all the programmes installed take you computer offline and run scans as this should stop any unwanted virus activity, oh and afterwards get a good firewall like sunbelt personal firewall, its free and very good hope that helps, sorry its a bit long

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thanks very much for the info,fingers crossed

it is probably something like antivirus 2008/2009. as said above google exactly what you have and you will get removal info. i had antispyware 2008 a couple of months ago, it looks just like a real antivirus but it's all a load of s*** with fake warnings "you have 154 problems" blah blah blah.
i used malwarebytes antimalware to get rid, good luck

Use Hyjackthis


Use Hyjackthis

that only creates a log of what is on the pc (doesn't get rid)

you can use hyjackthis if you know someone with a lot of pc knowledge that you can show the log too, and they will be able to help get rid of the nasties



thanks very much for the info,fingers crossed

Hm, you WILL find it dificult to type now, mind.:whistling:
If you have trouble on one account, try logging on under a diferent one and download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run it.
Good luck

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nope im pretty hopeless when it comes to problems and pooters!

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Hm, you WILL find it dificult to type now, mind.:whistling:

lol not doing too badly with one arm so far:-D


Do a System Restore just to be certain.

If its a virus/spyware system restore will not get rid as it will still be in the sytem restore folder and re-install itself later.

If you go to ]Google Pack and download the Spyware Doctor that's a good program that will remove any spyware and prevent infections in the first place.

do you mean windows genuine notification problem?

if yes, there're varioius solutions to this:…ine

a fairly complete one is:…en/

its a small application installed by microsoft when windows accessed their web for update.
So to avoid this in the future, turn off the automatic update feature in your windows

sorry if this is not the probs

A friend of mine had a similar problem, fake BSOD etc. This solved it for him…php - the free version will get the job done.

These fake anti-virus programs can be the worst things to get but you CAN get rid of them WITHOUT a format and re-instalation . System restore can return the PC to the way it was but the spyware will still be there . If you try it and it works , afterwards turn OFF System Restore ,then back ON again .These fakes leave loads of registry keys and files , so EMPTY TEMP INTERNET FILES , you could use the original way or get hold of CCLEANER and that'll do it for you .
TWO programs you have to get to get rid of these keys etc are MALWAREBYTES & SUPERANTISPY . Run them and it should work unless the spyware you have is a very new variant . Have loads of screen shots of what these leave behind . I've had to fix many PC's & Laptops recently because of this new form of Spyware ................actually Ransomware as the program demands money to get rid of the nasty's.
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