Laptop keeps switching off!

    My gf's laptop keep switching itself off, it felt to me the other day like it was overheating but she said its done it twice today but it didnt feel hot. This time it wont turn on!

    Any ideas on what its likely to be? Is it worth getting a can of compressed air to spray through the gaps underneath the laptop or could it be a virus?


    How far does it get after pressing the power button? Or does nothing happen when you press the power button - nothing at all?

    If so, try with the battery unplugged and the mains lead only in

    more than likely too hot
    take off rear cover to your cpu
    take off the fan, heatsink
    clean and inspect for dust using compressed air, paint brush for example
    make sure there is no dust
    take out cpu and reapply arctic silver
    put the cpu fan cover back on and then try to boot up
    download a cpu monitoring program

    Mine did the same, i stressed about it for a couple then got the hoover on it, just used the tools to hoover over the fan on the back and the vent on the side and was really surprised coz its been absolutely fine now for at least a month.

    Its gotta be worth a try x

    get a screwdriver and stab the screen in fast sharp motion job done

    Mine done this and I found out it was over heating although sometimes it didn't feel hot to touch.
    Was advised to get put something underneath it to let the air circulate as the vents are at the bottom. I got the notebook fan from poundland and it solved my problem. It keeps the laptop off the table and has a slight tilt for comfort.I don't use the fan but has a fan with USB attachment. May as well give it a try for £1. good luck

    Worst thing people do with 'laptops' is either use them on their laps, or put them on carpets (or other fluffy / dusty surfaces whilst still on).

    If you are lucky the CPU will have been shutting down to protect itself from over tempterature, and will be able to be sorted by taking the laptop apart and cleaning up the cooling fan and fins of the heatsink. Disassembly instructions can be found online for most laptops, just make sure you keep a record of where everything comes from, and which screw goes where!

    The alternative is a power issue. Take the battery out and try starting it just on mains power, (sometimes a faulty battery will prevent the laptop from starting), although to be honest if it has been shutting down during use (when plugged in) then it is likely to be the blocked cooling fan option.

    Let us know how you get on
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