Laptop keyboard has gone MAD!

    Hello firstly let me apologise for my grammar as i cant use it

    Right i just fell asleep on my keyboard and now all the buttons are messed up! Pressinf full stop brings up ">" and comma is "
    I think i have knocked a button or something?



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    Also when i click a link to a new page it actually opens up a new browser>

    prob a daft suggestion u restarted it ???

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    Do i have to? I am to lazy for all that restarting nonsence surely there is a one button trick!

    your shift key is stuck on, possibly sticky-keys (hitting shift 5 times). hit it 5 times again and see what comes up

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    Haha i knew it was something simple! Thank you twiggy.

    or hold it for 8 seconds

    How did you fall asleep on your laptop keyboard?

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    I was really tired, first day of getting up for UNI after a LONG summer. I am shattered.


    Try a system restore if all else fails
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