laptop keys easy to replace?

    Hi im looking at a laptop on ebay and its missing one of the arrow keys,i was wondering if its easy to get spare keys for laptops and are they easy to fit?thanks


    from expensive experiance you will probably end up buying a new keyboard

    ****** i also have keys missing

    Laptop keys usually just clip into place & you shouldn't have any problems! I take my keys off all the time to clean the fluff out! :lol: And they just clip back into place

    Oh & you'd probably be able to pick up the key you need on eBay too! Good luck!

    Go to your local 'computer superstore' and bring a screwdriver! :thumbsup:



    Go to your local 'computer superstore' and bring a screwdriver! :thumbsup:

    I remember seeing someone removing a DVD drive from a laptop once in a Computer Superstore, there was a Security Guard right next to him who didnt even notice :whistling:

    waaaaaaaaaaah i woudnt dare

    Depends on the make - supposedly Dell are a ****** to put back on (I tried to get mine fixed when one came off)

    I got the keyboard replaced (not sure of cost because I called them and took out the insurance, which worked out cheaper) and it was really simple.

    My Dad recently replaced the keyboard on his Dell, and it didn't give him too much trouble. I bought him the replacement keyboard from eBay, I think it was under £10 for a new one.
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