Laptop, larger screen, hdmi output wanted

    Hi all,

    My laptop is on the blink so it is time to replace.

    I mostly use my laptop for surfing so in a way I don't need too high a spec.

    However I am also interested in streaming a lot of sports, especially the American ones.

    What I would like to do is stream espn gamepass for the nfl, nhl etc on to my 1080p plasma tele.

    So a hdmi would be good.

    What would I need in terms of graphics card for this? I'm not a gamer, just streaming these sites.

    In terms of the screen size of the laptop, 17 inch and above would be nice.

    I dont have a strict budget, but the best bang for buck would be good. I'd imagine I could get something decent for £600?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.



    As an option, it notebook has Displayport can output full (and better) HD threw an adaptor. It awesome, I have it on a Dell. Can also do sound via displayport to hdmi

    Nothing is needed from the graphics chip, all but the weakest of CPUs (i.e. Intel Atom) is going to be able to play video streamed from the internet with no help from the graphics card.

    With £600 I'd focus on getting a nice finish and quality trackpad/keyboard as you don't need much from the specs for what you want.
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