Laptop LCD Screen Broken

Found 9th May 2010

Re: Acer Extensa 5235 15.6in Laptop

My Daughter has just broke the LCD screen on her laptop by accident.

I paid £430.00 and it's only two weeks old, and because it's accidental damage it's not covered.

How much will it cost to get a new LCD screen?

I know it sounds a bit cheeky, but is there anyone who works with "PC's or Laptops"who wouldn't mind helping in getting me a LCD screen at trade price?

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doesnt your home insurance have accidental damage?
Thanks for your reply its only me

We don't bother home insurance anymore.
Did you pay by credit card? As some offer cover for the first 30 days if over £100.:thinking:

Otherwise £80 on the bay should get you one and fix it yourself with Google & Youtube.
fixed my daughters last year when i broke it grrr. cost 60 squid from ebay and dead easy to fix as what russ66 says really.
£75 ish @ ebay.
They are £77.77 on ebay. Most trade places buy their parts for a similar price and make their money on the fitting charges.

I wouldn't recommend buying an overly cheap screen direct from overseas, since it would somewhat ruin quite a costly laptop.
Thanks to everyone who answered my post.

Your help is much appreciated.
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