Found 23rd Aug 2009
Looking for a laptop around £400

I've seen this one for £382…tml
Or for £428…tml

Any other suggestions? Im clueless in the graphics area of the spec, but everythign else looks fine to me.



I'd definately recommend Lenovo as a brand, but laptops are very personal to what you need them for. You will get a million and one opinions on if it's good or not mostly people comparing computing power. However, some people like me need small, powerful , light, reliability and durability which means paying a lot more than just for straight performance. It's really a case of what you expect to do with it and how portable it needs to be.

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Portability doesn't really come into it. I intend to use it for the basics, some minor video editing, and games like Football Manager, and photo editing. Are there any better deals than the lenovo one?

All i'd say is if you intend to photo edit reasonably seriously then check what type of screen it has. A screen best suited for business apps like Word etc. is not always the best for pictures. Lenovo do tend to be a bit duller screens than others like sony etc.
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