Laptop - max £500


Preferably 1GB of RAM (or Higher)
80gb Hard Disk or higher
Alright-ish graphic card, able to play games not most modern but fairly modern/powerful within reason
XP preinstalled w/ office 2005+ (actually, if someone finds one with no OS that'd be good - it's £55 for an OEM of XP from ebuyer which I could get, which would probably be cheaper than preinstalled)
15"-17" not too big
Decent battery life a plus (will be used for plaing MP3s)

A friend just phoned me up about buying a laptop, he is thinking about ebuyer's deal of today as well.

He'd be using it a lot for car/train type journeys, MP3s but also should be capable of running games well (not things like STALKER/Supreme Commander, but still good ones - he said Age of Empires 3, which I don't know much about, but it should be able to run that at least).

Battery life a big issue - either a good battery in it so he can play MP3s on long journeys, or if anyone knows of ood replacement batteries that'd be good

He was going to get an MP4 player, but decided against it since he could do all the things the MP4 player did on the laptop, just slightly larger (in other words, this laptop will be used for MP3s lots, but also games)

EDIT: Gerard, if you're reading this - you won't want the deal of the day because it has integrated graphics, ie could die if you attempt to play something very graphics intensive ie solitaire or pac man.

EDIT 2: Forgot, I think he also said he wanted a DVD drive that could write

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this is near your budget with the Quidco cashback...if you want extended battery life you could opt for the battery upgrade.
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