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Hi peeps !! Can any1 help me with a laptop i have. Its my brothers and hes asked me to stick some ram in it for him coz its only got a 256 chip installed. Ive been looking around various sites to see what is type its got in it and im getting lots of different views. One site says its pc2100 ddr266... another says pc2700 ddr333... so im completely stuck with what to order, or where to order from.

Can any1 then recommend what type of ram ill need and also the best place to order it from ? The laptop is a HP Compaq NX9005 and hes looking at buying a 512 chip to make it up to 768 (if poss, if they dont need to be in exact pairs??).

Many thanx :-)


According to the Corsair memory configurator (on ]scan.co.uk) it needs PC2100 (DDR266). The Kingstom memory configurator (]ec.kingston.com) states that PC2700 (DDR333) memory is also ok for your model.

Generally, memory is backward compatible, so if you fit faster memory it just runs at the slower speed. If you buy from a reputable dealer and it doesn't work, just send it back.

I have an HP laptop, and there are helpful stickers on the ram chips which state the HP part number and the chip configuration, so it might be worth having a look if you haven't already done so.

I believe you can only fit matching pairs, so you are stuck with buying another 256mb, or throwing away your current 256mb chip and buying two 512mb ones.
It is probably best to make sure both chips are the same speed i.e. both PC2100 or both PC2700, not one of each.

I buy most of my bits from scan, but you could try one or more of the price comparison sites (]pricerunner.co.uk or ]kelkoo.co.uk) - you need laptop memory (SODIMM - 200-pin). Looks about £20 + p and p for 512mb.

Hope this helps, Paul.

I'm pretty sure you can put 512 in alongside 256 and have 768 of RAM.

I'm sure there must be a few people who have spare 256s knocking around from upgrading their machine.

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Many thanx guys. Do you think that 512 is enough for an old laptop like this... or should i recommend him ditching the 256 and shelling out £40 on 2x512 ? I can get the 256 chip tomorrow at Novatech for £13 odd, but im unsure as ive only ever used a gig in my machines not 512.
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