Laptop mousepad just disconnected

    I was sitting there using my laptop as per usual and the mouse pad icon came on screen to say disconnected!!! What the hell. Any ideas how to fix? Have i knocked a button?


    Are you talking about the Touchpad or the Mouse?
    If it's the mouse that's been said to have disconnected then reinstall the driver

    What laptop do you have?

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    Sorry it's the touchpad. I have a Medion Akoya.

    Buy a new laptop.

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    The mini version.

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    Buy a new laptop.


    It could be that you have accidently pressed an Fn function
    such as on my laptop Fn + F9 controls the touchpad on/off
    does yours have an Fn button?

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    I restarted and it works now, weird. Thanks anyway.

    Or if it's more technical, then it can be fixed the same way as a mouse
    for Windows XP, go to
    Start - Right click My Computer - Select Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Mouse and other pointing devices -
    and then you will see a touchpad status, then it may be best to update the driver first
    so just right click and select update on that touchpad name
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