Laptop- need to buy one for a present

    I have been given up to £500 to buy a laptop for my daughter.
    She is only 10 and it seems crazy to spend so much money on one thing fo her! BUT she does go into hospitals for stays so she would love one where she can take games as it gets boring.

    Now I understand that to play games fast you need a good graphics card- right?

    But when you are playing, you aren't doing anything else at the same time (usually not I would have thought!!), so...really she wouldn't be surfing the net,using office, and playing at the same time! So does it still really matter?

    I would like to buy her a laptop from some place where if I have a problem, I can get it fixed without stress! Argos are usually good for that.

    Has anyone got a simple recommendation for me? She will surf, do powerpoints, play games like rollercoaster tycoon.
    Not all at the same time!
    Chat on msn to her mates and granny living in France (who is paying for this) . She satarts secondary school in 1 and a half years time, hopefully the laptop will still be going strong then for homework!
    I need to find something this coming week for her.

    I keep reading and looking but I am honestly getting more confused than ever!

    thanks in advance.



    Hospitals lack security don't spend that much unless you're willing to lose that much. Her little hands will be ideal for one those netbooks which a lot cheaper, sometimes £120…ook…540

    How about getting her a netbook for surfing etc (cheaper, smaller and lighter than a laptop) and a psp or nintendo ds for the games...

    If it has to be Argos you can get the MSI wind delivered from Argos for £250…htm
    Like most netbooks it has a builtin webcam. These don't have an optical drive so she wouldn't be able to play dvds or games (you can do it but it takes a bit of jiggery pokery...)

    If she is going to lug this to school etc the netbook is more portable (typically 1.1kg compared to a 15" laptop of about 3kg)

    PSPs are about £150…htm

    Nintendos about the same (poor) price from Argos…htm

    Original Poster

    Hi thanks for the suggestions!
    I guess really she doesn't "need" an expensive laptop.
    But I would like her to get rid of her desktop computer- it's slow and takes up a lot of room , and use the laptop in the living room with me (her gran gave her an old desktop which is in her bedroom- which is why I want it out!) as well as in hospital. So I'd like something which does similar to the desktop- and play games. She does already have a ds
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