Laptop needed!!

    hi just wondering if anyone can offer a bit of advice or point me in the direction of a good deal for a laptop.
    was looking to spend 5-6 hundered.
    im ideally after a 17" screen with at least 2gig ram with as large hdd as poss.
    any help would be really appreciated!

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    have you had a look at the vostro 1700 deal posted few days ago?…-1/
    it's a very good machine IMO for less than £500 and it fits your bill.
    if you can stretch your budget, upgrade the processor to 4mb cache and graphic card to 8600M GT for a total of around £640. But to be honest these upgrades are pretty useless unless you are into pc games.:whistling:
    For me 160gb HDD is plenty (I only have a 100gb myself :p), you can always upgrade it later if you find yourself running out of space. They are cheaper to buy separately and can be easily fitted yourself. :thumbsup:
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