Laptop needed, £200-£300, help most appreciated.


    Can anyone recommend a good cheap Laptop? For my girlfriends brother to communicate with home when he leaves to go to Australia for a year in a few weeks. Anything with as many as the desireables below, for £200-£300 would be amazing. Just one thing, no ReFurbs at all, too many bad experiences.

    Coreduo processor or better obv, any speed
    2GB or more of RAM
    DVDRW +/- drive
    160GB hard drive or more
    Vista premium or XP pro
    Built in Wireless
    Built in WebCam
    Decent Battery

    Anything like that would be sweet.
    Cheers Dave


    I have not looked at laptops for around 6 months now, but…y=y sometimes have some good deals.

    Based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, small showroom, but mainly mail order.


    Original Poster

    cheers for reply, not really anything on there though that isn't a refurb with this spec for that price. Cheers anyway

    Anyone else any suggestions?

    dell mini's or a netbook could be oaky to have for just around £200-£250, then just buy an external dvd drive...

    If all ya need it for is too communicate no point forking out lots of money.
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