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    Hi guys,

    Any help / recommendations appreciated

    I'm after a laptop for my Mum as she says she's sick of her PC being slow and not even knowing why. She only needs it for emails and surfing but also to a fair bit of photo editing (with Adobe). Have seen this -…ion - but will that be ok for the photo editing giving what it says on the graphics card info ("Fine for basic computing tasks but not powerful enough for digital photography")

    If it's poo for photo editing, any other recommendation? She needs a 17" laptop for £440 max. (This laptop looks like a great deal to me, but I know naff all about them).



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    Lol, oops, just read that after I posted (someone else just emailed me the comet link).

    Well I am not a digital photography expert, but I would say this is fine for digital photography work.

    While it may not be OK for video editing work (which is very graphic intensive) I cant believe this graphic card is not powerful enough for basic photo editing.

    I think for the price, it is a good piece of kit.

    Good make (Toshiba), 3Gb of Ram, Vista Home Premium, 200Gb hard drive.

    That is a lot of laptop for £350.

    I would get there early in case they sell out.

    Laptops are generally slower than desktop PCs and no different except in shape so she could very well suffer the same 'being slow' problem, unless it's simple just a case of age and her current PC is five to ten years old.

    As for photography the graphics card isn't going to be an issue, any graphics card or chip of the last ten years is suitible for basic image manipulation like resizing or touching up a photo.
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