Laptop needed just to play WoW for £500

    hi all

    i need a laptop for about £500 which is capable of being on all the time, ie. a desktop replacement - and will play World of Warcraft and no other games but lots of different windows applications the missus uses

    it just needs to be better than the Athlon Acer i have now which has as its GFX a Geforce Go 5200

    hopefully you guys can lead me to a more enjoyable gaming experience thanks


    The only laptop I know with decent graphics at a decent price is here...but someone else may know of something more within yor budget.…301

    Original Poster

    thanks currychops

    it only has to be a bit better then a Geforce Go 5200 (ie. not very good in the first place)

    that system is definitely one which id like though

    hopefully i can get one just a bit more affordable
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