Laptop needed - nothing fancy, and affordable

    Hey, I'm interested in purchasing a laptop within the price range £150-250.

    I don't want anything fancy, as long as it does its job,. I don't particularly want it to be refurbished, but as long as the screen is big enough, and it has wi-fi...I'm sorted.

    I've never used Vista, and I realise that most laptops come with Vista anyway. If there's any laptops out there with XP Pro, then that'll be great.

    Thanks if you can help.


    woowlorths Medion in pink £249.99 - may even be a cod efor discount?

    I have just got this and it is great for word/excel etc but can easily be added

    Original Poster

    Product not available at the moment, and that looks like the most promising one so far

    try pcworld refurbs

    aviod refurbs...always trouble in the long run

    there's an HP in PC World for £179.99.

    1GB RAM
    80GB HDD

    Can't remember the model or the specific specs, hence brief details above. Something that cheap probs wont be on the website either but they're instore at the enfield branch at least.



    aviod refurbs...always trouble in the long run

    they're just factory ones that no one wants, but i'm gonna gonna go with you halfway on my ei system was absolute balls, depends on make

    if your gonna get a vista system, look for one with premium, but don't buy one with it installed xp as it wasn't designed for it, however vista is a dream to use once you get the hang of it.

    hukd deal, was the first thing that came up under 249.99 laptop on google…9-/

    Anyone know what a 1 year old Dell Inspiron 6400, 15.4", duel core 1.6, 1gb ram, 60gb hd pretty good condition is worth? Been offered one from a relative
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