Laptop Needed - Relativly Cheap

    I'm after a laptop for college so it will need Microsoft office software on it for any coursework I have.

    Also, it must have Wireless built in so I can use it around the house & dont have to bother with a card.

    I will use it for browsing the internet, msn, bebo, watching videos/films online & downloading music. I would prefer it to be able to browse the net quickly or is this down to our service provider?

    I like windows XP so wouldnt mind one with that on it but I dont mind having Vista either, is there much difference?

    One I have looked at is this…366

    It only has Office for 60 days though so how much would it cost for me to get it fully installed?

    Or could I get it off our current desktop computer?

    Any Ideas are welcome but I would like to spend not much more than £300 if possibleas I need to get a router & save for my trip to Australia as well.

    Someone mentioned about getting one made as well rather than buying one from a shop, is this beneficial & if so how much would you normally be looking at spending?

    Thanks alot


    you can get a decent Dell for areound £ 300.- - check out the deals that are posted here regularly.
    as for software, save money and install OpenOffice.….99

    was on a deal posted on here but didnt save the link as a fav only the site

    woolworths - £250 median
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