LAPTOP needed urgently PLEASE HELP!

    I desperately need a laptop as I cannot get out hardly at all at the moment and this one I am using cuts out for days due to a fault where the adaptor connects, so once that happens and it's off I can't connect up again. I need one asap and deivered if poss. I don't use it for gaming, general use for just myself.

    I will have to order online and I previously had a Samsung NP-R60Y but it got dropped. I would like a built in webcam and mic if possible roughly the same size as the samsung, not any smaller. I've got a decent newish webcam tho,so not essential, just more handy if my health improves and I can get out and about.

    I also would like a fast-ish processor and decent memory/battery life. I will only beusing it at home connected to the power tho. Obviously it'd be better with wireless built in, I am not tekky minded so sorry to be vague.

    I would rather spend a higher amount of money on something that will last as at the moment I cannot get out and even as I am typing this my current adaptor connection has failed and the battery last 13 mins for me to try and fix power supply, so any help urgently would be great as I now have to turn off power and come back to check the thread. I've tried new adaptors for this but none work.

    Please if anyone could advise ASAP I'd be very grateful.

    I don't want a refurbished product had probs before, also not worried about free virus as I use AVG, ad aware etc


    I am a member of Top Cashback I have joined Quidco but not used yet. I also have quite alot of Tesco clubcard vouchers maybe £40 which I think I can still double. I am an argos cardholder too.

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    Well as you don't take it out a nice big screen is a bonus. This fits you bill with nice big screen, fast processor and has HDMI out so you can plug it into your LCD/Plasma and use it for movies ect. Also has the webcam and mic you require.
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