Laptop Needs?

    Hi all,

    I'm after a laptop for the missus, now she'll basically use it for the essentials, surfing, word processing, budgeting etc, whereas I'm a little keener to play a few games on it while away from home.

    What kind of spec or things should I be looking for? as although I'm good on computers I have little knowledge of specs required for various applications.



    If it were not for the "playing games" bit she could be quite happy with a Vostro 1000 for £293, though a better value for money one could be had for £340.
    As soon as you start down the game play route your hiking the price right up with a laptop to £550 and above.
    Search the hotdeals forum for Dell Vostro and you will see what is available this week.

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    Well I'm not exactly looking at the high spec games, RPGs etc, but the basic football ones.

    My budget is anything upto £700 or so.

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    this might do the … this might do the trick]

    Cheers, but I did look at this and the later comments seem to indicate that this isnt such a good deal with many complaining of poor quality.
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