Laptop noise advice please?

    I bought a refurb from Tesco Outlet but it wasn't up to scratch, so they sent me an upgrade but that one had a noisy fan and you could hear the hard drive whining at certain times amongst other things.

    That one went back too, and i'm now on my third one which is:
    HP 8GB RAM 750GB HDD 15.6'' Windows 8 Home Edition 15-E040Sa Blue Notebook.
    I really like the laptop but the hard drive makes a very very regular ticking/clicking sound which is irritating, accompanied by a sort of blowing sound which could simply be the hard drive cycling.

    I've had this one a matter of 3 days and i've moved to this laptop from a very old HP Pavilion laptop (12+ years) that still made no noise. So am i being unrealistic or unreasonable in wanting a quiet laptop? I realise about refurbs etc, but as an A grade machine surely this shouldn't happen and could be indicative of future problems?

    Any advice is appreciated as Tesco Outlet only keep offering me replacement machines.


    The noisy hard drive could just be that it's a hitachi/IBM (HGST) that does have the annoying clicking. (system properties/device manager will tell you its brand/model)
    Crunching and clicking when not in use is what they do when new :(.
    There was a tool for adjusting the acoustic level of the drive but not sure if yours would be one that it is applicable to.

    If bought online return demanding refund , there is distance selling rules for just this sort of thing.

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    It says WDC WD7500BPVX-60JC3 SATA.

    So that means Western Digital i suppose. I think i will return as this is driving me mad and whilst not loud as such it's quite distracting.
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