laptop not asking to backup or choose browser

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Found 25th Dec 2014
Bought daughter new lappy for xmas...asus i5 thingy. Surprised when turned on that it has not asked me to create back up or choose browser (explorer is already default).
Is this normal now (been a while since i bought one).

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" Method Two
Using Recovery DVD (on selected models)
Creating the Recovery DVD:
1. Double-click the AI Recovery Burner icon on the Window desktop.
2. Insert a blank writable DVD into the optical drive and click Start to start creating the Recovery DVD.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete creating the recovery DVD.
Prepare enough blank writable DVDs as instructed to create the Recovery DVD.

From Asus Website.

Run windows update, Restart run windows update again and continue until no more updates available, Then in one of the updates browser choice is then offered, However you could easily download your preferred browser anyway.

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cheers folks. have done windows update until none, but still no choice given. I have d/l chrome 9preferred) but just thought new lappy was meant to give choice automatically.

no recovery icon on desktop.

Think Windows has its own recovery tool for you to make a backup. I use a 8GB USB to do mine as didn't have a DVD drive on mine.

Here is some info…ive

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cheers all, happy xmas

the law forcing microsoft to offer the browser choice on first turn on expired last month or so after 5 years.


my new lenovo laptop on windows 8.1 did not either.
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