Laptop of a £350 budget

    Hi All

    I was wondering if I could get some help!. I've had an Acer Aspire 5630 for nearly 4 years. It has served me relatively well. I use it for general about the house, internet, video watching etc and the only game I really play is Football manager. I've upgraded the RAM and upgraded to Win7. I have normally formatted it about once a year as I normally find performance decreases just before!

    More recently though, I have found the laptop overheating and is now turning it self off due to heat. Also the battery life is pretty much non-existant (about 5 mins - is this normal?).

    Anyway, I've basically come to the conclusion that I'll porbably need a new laptop soon! (performance is already down and it has only been 6 months since last format).
    So firstly, are there any places you can sell your old laptops like mobile recycling places? Or is ebay the only option for something like this?
    Secondly, I'm after recommendations of what I could possibly buy...!
    I don't travel too much with it, but would like around 3+ hours worth of battery use (I don't have a desktop so definitely require a laptop)
    for around the house. I do a fair amount of iplayer/video watching on it, as well as a lot of music playing. Similarly, a lot of internet surfing and office based products. Game wise, I only play football manager. The only editting I do is conversion of video/audio formats for my ipod and mobile. My budget is £350 or less.

    Would you say the following is a good laptop…tml

    and does anyone have any alternatives.

    Thanks in advance


    Hey, your link didn't work, I'm going to take it you mean this one:…tml

    It's OK, but you could get alot more for your money, esp if you went up to £350

    This is a much better one IMHO:…966

    Original Poster

    Hi Rich

    Thanks for your reply but I actually meant this…tml

    which I think is more powerful than your suggestions. It is out of stock though (was in on Friday)

    Original Poster

    any help with this please?

    Hi mate

    Sorry for late reply.....

    That link doesn't work either, so can't compare them, The one I mentioned before is dandy, but if you increased your budget to £400, you'd get a pretty dam good laptop for all the things you mentioned you needed it for!
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    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply, the laptop now gone down from asda website
    It was basically this one reviewed here…iew

    Anyway, assuming I go up to £400, what can you recommend then?
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