Laptop on Interest Free Credit?

Posted 2nd Jan 2009
Can anyone recommend anywhere I can buy a laptop on interest free credit.

Want to buy my Dad a laptop, but cash is a bit strapped at the moment so could do with a couple of months to get the money together.
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What about this option?…-fo

£160 a month for 3 months to get a quality blu-ray piece of kit? You didn't mention how much you wanted to spend on a laptop though?
hmmmm seems like a good laptop, but I am not a fan of Acer really (cheap components).

Somewhere around the £500 mark I was thinking.
PC World. 1 year interest free i think it is. a deposit and then later u pay the rest
i was gona say the same haha. Have you tried places like currys instore sometimes they offer this.
I dont see any mention of Interest free on their site??
Its over £249 buy now pay next year..well at least they used to..cos my brother has one..he got it in May, doesnt have to pay the rest until This May

get a better job? or tell ur dad to wait?
Or get one free!

get a better job? or tell ur dad to wait?

Do you get special kicks out of being a tosser? do you know me? do you know my circumstances? no then **** OFF

To everyone else thank you!
in got my toshiba one from staples,buy now pay in 12 months,i opened up a seperate bank account and arranged for money to be taken out of my account into my other account so i should have the money to pay it of in 12 months

this is the one i got…WW+
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