Laptop or Netbook

    Buying either a laptop or netbook in the next week but not sure what to go for. It will only really be used for doing research on the internet & work on Microsoft Office.

    Would prefer a 15" Laptop but intend to buy a decent one in about 16 month just before I start University so have been thinking of a netbook instead so one isnt cast aside next year.

    Also due to the better battery life, just really worried about the screensize as I will just really be reading things off the internet.

    Which would you go for?

    A laptop now (would probably get a more expensive one next year) or a netbook (Been looking at the NC10) which I would take to uni as well as a laptop for working around the Uni campus.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.



    If the netbook does not come with a DVD drive (most dont) how are you going to install Office?

    You will have to buy an external DVD drive (more outlay).

    If you are going to do a lot of typing go for a laptop as the screen and keyboard will be better than on a netbook. Netbook is only really good for limited typing.

    I would agree netbooks are only good for brief typing. I typed up minutes of a meeting on mine last week and there were more mistakes than usual because the keys are smaller. Netbooks are great for portability though. My 15.4 lappy weighs a tonne in comparison.

    Perhaps you could buy a netbook for working on stuff outdoors etc and use the uni library computers for longer sessions?

    I would recommend the netbook route, battery life is so much better than most laptops I know.

    The NC10 is probably the best of the bunch as it's keyboard is a normal layout, unlike the Dell Mini's. If you aren't too bothered about Microsoft office then you could choose an ubuntu version netbook which comes with open office which is compatible with MS office.

    u cn just install ms office by USB flash disk. thats what i done on my aspire one

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the replies, I've just been to PC world & had a play around on the Samsung N110 & I was surprised by the keyboard, was quite easy to type on, seemed to have the biggest keyboards out of the lot. Would probably get the NC10 though & save £50 as I cant see much difference.

    Got told microsoft Office can be downloaded online, we have the package which can be put on 3 computers & its only been used on two up to now.

    Most of the typing for now will be short, want to try & write some papers on various bits I am researching so dont have much knowlage to actually write about haha! Would be getting a full size 17" or something for my main laptop next year closer to the time just to keep in my room or something & do most work on that.
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