Laptop or Netbook and which one?? Help please

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Found 19th Aug 2010
So my laptop died at the weekend. Spend quite a lot on it and it's motherboard has gone.

Looking for a replacement but not sure if i need another laptop of if a netbook would suffice??

80% of my time it will be used for internet etc. 10% for itunes and iphone remaining 5% for pictures from cameras etc 5% excel and word documents.

Will a net book do??

Not got a strict budget but on princiapl that i paid £500 odd for my last one and it hasn't lasted well i'm looking for a good deal. Has anyone seen something they think would be good??? Like the look of the samsung N150.

Not very techy so any help much appreciated! x


A netbook would do the job - I would suggest though that if your not going to use an external screen that you at least look at a netbook with at least an 11.6" screen, as it will make it a lot easier on your eyes (will it does for me).

In addition to that do you have all of your software on external USB hard drive or USB memory stick (i.e. not on CD or DVD)? If not then you might need to consider also purchasing an external USB DVD drive as well, which can be purchased cheaply (there are a couple of deals on here for them).

If I remember correctly there's deals here on for the HP Mini 311c, Dell Inspiron 11z, etc.

Hope that helps you out and I can post in the links to the deals if you can't see them.

get into Morrisons - they have lots of netbooks and laptops reduced

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Thanks guys/ gals x

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