Found 3rd Feb 2010
I recently bought a second hand dell latitude d810.
I knew at the time that only half the screen worked so intended to buy a replacement. However none of my usual parts sites sell laptop screens and I'm wary of just using a site google throws up.

Does anyone know of a reputable site that sells replacement laptop screens?

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or ebay Item no 390135103656

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Thanks bibu. I should have mentioned I've looked at ebay but I'd prefer to avoid using it. Rep added for the help


have you phone dell to see how much one is

ebay is good for parts


maybe look for same laptop going for spares, usually screen is good but everything esle is knackered, like battery, charger, motherboard, etc, etc

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sassie: Not phoned dell but checked their website and they don't appear to do anything more than memory and power packs for the d810 these days. Its a model thats about 5-6 years old now.

Bibu: If ebay ends up being the best option then I'll use it. I've just had several bad experiences in the past.


its always worth a phone call, explain you have knackered the screen and how much would it cost for a replacement, you aint lost nothing other than the cost of a phoen call, you could always email if you dont want to phone

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Thanks to both of you for taking the time to post by the way.

Do you know the part number of the screen as there are 5 different models available. Or it not what res you want 1280*800, 1366*768, 1680*1050, 1920*1200?

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I'd probably go for the 1680*1050 or the one higher.

Give these ]guys a bell or an e-mail and ask them for a price for the part your after. (make sure you ask for parts not repair service):thumbsup:

Have a look here. ]http//ww…tml

Never used them. But I agree ebay is perhaps the best place to buy cheap parts.

Also on the ebay train here, ebay is usually best for buying spare parts/replacement screens
(i've never had trouble with ebay and spare parts, yet anyway!)
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