Laptop Poss. Running Hot, Should I send It Back

    Hi, I bought a 17" Packard Bell Laptop a few months ago from PC World. It's running on AMD II Turian Dual Core 2.20. A couple of nights ago I was using it on my lap to encode some video and it got too hot and switched itself off, my leg was partially covering one of the intake vents. Since then I have installed a CPU temp monitor and when browsing it runs at around 65-75C and when doing intensive work it shoots up to the high 90s. This seems very high to me but I don't know for certain as I can't find any temp info about the CPU. Anybody know what the normal temp ranges should be for a laptop of this type? The monitor seems to think its max temp is 100C and I've quite often seen it at 99C. It's currently on 98C but I am also downloading on Usenet at mo. Could the CPU have come loose from the heatsink?

    BTW I know PB sucks, but for the spec it was cheap.


    Sounds high to me, can you hear the fan running? I doubt the heatsink has come loose to be honest as these are usually packed tight in the case.

    Those sort of temps will likely to drastically reduce the life of the components.

    Should run at around 50c -sounds like fan not running -chuck it back to Dixons/PC and remind them of the sale of goods act if necassary ,there more slippery than a sack of eels. good luck.
    PS be aware that if you open the case by removing screws you could invalid the warrenty - so deny everthing

    Take it back if I was you, thats way to high & will cause you more problems even if its working at the moment.

    if its more than 28 days old, they'll wanna inspect it to see if its repairable.
    they're within their rights to inspect it.

    [quote= makkax1 BTW I know PB sucks, but for the spec it was cheap..[/quote]


    For 'normal' use I'd guess it would be ok?
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