Laptop Powerful but 5/6+ hour battery life

Found 14th May 2010
Hi All

So as the title says, Im looking for a reasonably powerful laptop (i3/i5) with a 5/6 + battery life. Also something quite small 13"/14" screen with dedicated graphics (not for gaming). I used to have a dell 700m, it was perfect but after 5 years it finally let go and has now gone to laptop heaven. So basically I need a replacement. Price isn't that important but below £1000 would be great, but as long as its got a good review thats all I care about

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no dedicated graphics but 8 or even 12 hour battery life,ticks the other boxes you want i think,,quite new so not many reviews but the previous version timelines with the older cpus were very highly rated with most people,

also an i5 model with dedicated graphics but a fair bit more expensive.
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Think i'm going to wait for the new acer TimelineX hopefully pick up the 14" with an i5/i7, can't go wrong with the 12 hour battery life and decent processor
macbook is an obvious suggestion as well ^_^
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