Laptop Problem

    I have a compaq evo n610c however it won't charge, one time it briefly charged and the orange charge light flickered on when i wiggled the charge wire about but thats all, i tried taking the battery out and seeing if it charged then but to no avail.

    For the IT experts out there would you think the problem is
    1. The battery
    2. The charger
    3. The charger hole thingy
    4. Something else

    Help much appreciated


    if it works when u wiggled the charger, it may be the charging socket on the computer, it could also be your charger, the end might not be making contact with the points.

    sounds like either the charger or its possible the connection to the motherboard has come loose and needs soldering, would account for why it flashed when you wiggled it


    I have fixed laptops before when the charging socket works loose from the motherboard. You have to resolder the connections, which is fiddly enough, but the real chore is taking the case apart to get at it, then getting it back together again. Very likely to break or lose something, or just forget how it goes.

    My wife has an Evo. It was given to her by her school. Each teacher who has one reported that the battery was faulty, and they were.

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    Thanks for the help guys, looks like i'll have to sell it
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