Laptop problem

    I have just formatted a laptop for my mate because it had a virus. After reinstalling everything I tried to shut it down but it just keeps rebooting, it does give a quick bsod upon reboot at the point where it should have shut off, then it just fires up again.

    I have reformatted it again and it still does the same?

    Any ideas?


    What virus did it have/what makes you think it had a virus?

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    I never checked, he told me it had a virus and he just wanted it formatting.

    I have paused it on the BSOD and googled it and it gave me this.…554

    Any ideas?


    Forget that on that is for windows server. I am checking through Google now.

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    Ok this is exactly what I am getting:…-us

    Gonna try downloading SP3 see if that helps.

    Try clearing the MBR (master boot record) either via an old Win98 CD/floppy - fdisk /mbr. Other way to cure it is to install linux / download live cd - for example linux mint, and you can boot it into linux, and use partition tool to clear boot sector, MBR, set partitions up from scratch etc. After clearing all that, there should be no remains of a virus on the hard drive. Good thing about live cd is that you can access internet, operate the computer as normal and check if the laptop itself works fine.…php
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