Laptop problem

    Im having a problem with my laptop when i switch it on it goes to an error page saying hard drive not detected, can i simply get a new one and replace it ?if not what would i need to do ?


    It doesnt sound like a hard drive issue. Check your cables and then boot into the bios and check that the PC actually see's the hard drive, if it does there may be problems with the operating system.


    Cables on a laptop :?

    It means you have to open up the laptop and check... some laptops you can just pull off a cover but others you have to remove screws and take the back off the laptop to access the drive.

    well to answer your question, yes you can simply buy a hard drive and replace it, its just a matter of opening it up and replcaing it. after that you can just reinstall your original operatying systems. Make sure you get a 2.5 hard drive and not 3.5 (desktop) and also check if its sata or IDE

    but like watshtepoint and trx2 said, do that first, replaceing your hard drive is the very last step.

    Unplug ALL usb devices and remove all CD/DVD's then try it.
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