Laptop problem anyone who can help?

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Found 12th Mar 2008
went into comet this afternoon to explain my problem even though i still got the 1yr warrenty on it an they say i had to pay £80 to fix it. i couldnt believe it!
so just wondering if anyone know what is wrong with my laptop. What the problem is after a while round 1-2 hrs on the net the laptop plays up when i click a link usually a new window opens but nothin happens i just keep clickin an nothing pops up. Also i notice i cant switch the laptop off normally the only way to switch it off without holdin the off button is by lockin it an then from that i could swich it off. thanks for reading hope i get replies to my problem


What operating system is your laptop using?

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HP Pavillion dv6000 vista

Try this out:

1. Go to "Control panel".2. Go to "Network and Sharing Centre".3. … 1. Go to "Control panel".2. Go to "Network and Sharing Centre".3. Look for where i says "Connection -- Local Area Connection" and click on "view status" at the end.4. A new window will pop up, now click "Properties" at the bottom left corner.5. Look for "The connection uses the following items" and "Untick IPV6". Usually the 4th icon in the list that lies within that window.6. Now click "OK" and reboot your PC, IPV6 should now be disabled - to enable it again just follow this guide and put a tick in the box.

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ffs i cant even open it shall have to restart mty laptop

You can read more about this problem here:…tml

It is a very common issue unfortunately, Vista should really have this disabled by default and not enabled. Good luck with turning it off, you should have no more issues (fingers crossed) once you have it un-ticked.

£80? Damn, I should really set-up my own business lol

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right was doin to an notice it was alread unticked would this mean i should tick it? but i notice IPv4 is ticked shall i untick that an tick IPv6 ( got no idea what this means~)

If IPV6 is off that isn't the issue, it must be something else. That is a shame as it would of been an easy fix. Don't change anything if it is already off. I will have a look around for any more common issues, but it could be something as simple as drivers. Perhaps looking on-line for updated drivers for your laptop's wireless device may help.

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noooooooooooooooo thx for the help

If all else fails I would contact HP. Actually I would contact HP as soon as possible. From what I am reading on other forums and news sites, it seems there is a flaw in the Wireless device in your laptop series when paired with Vista - if this is the case HP will already know about it and fix it for free.

Good luck. Just tell them the Wireless is erratic and loses connection, you have tried every possible solution etc.

Of course, its understandable you may not want to send it to them, so you could just get a Wireless USB Stick and use that instead. You can get them for around £20 or less now so it's not exactly pricey. You then just disable the built-in wireless device and use the USB stick instead - just make sure it is Vista compatible if you go for this option.

Why do Comet want to charge you £80? What reason did they give for this?


Why do Comet want to charge you £80? What reason did they give for this?

Good question! once they tell you you can ask how to do the work yourself

you will find most stores repair hardware only under warranty, software isnt normally included.
And it definitely seems that yours is a software problem

Doubt it is software since it works fine for 1-2 hours before failing. More likely the usual Laptop dilema of overheating.

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Why do Comet want to charge you £80? What reason did they give for this?

they say its a software problem. is this correct or they messin with me

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some times it kicks in within an hr so i wouldnt think it over heat issue

Mango, there is no way you can prove that is software related, and no way you can prove it is hardware related. In my opinion it is a bit of both basically. The only choice you have is to contact HP and hope they are more helpful.

Have you updated the drivers like I suggested yesterday?

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yer i had a look at that but to be honest didnt really know what site was good, got time off tomoorw so i give hp a ring will let u know what they say


yer i had a look at that but to be honest didnt really know what site was … yer i had a look at that but to be honest didnt really know what site was good

Did you try HP?

Just go here, pick your laptop in the list:…om&

Click, Software & Driver downloads > Then pick your Operating System.
Then go down to "Driver - Network" and download the Wireless one, should say something like this:

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista

Good luck!

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lol i cant click the link the problem is happenin now an it takes 4 mins to restart (timed it myself HOW SAD!!)
shall click tommorw many thanks for ur time respondin to my posts!

I had the same problem. Couldn't find a fix and found that upgrading to service pack 1 made it worse. btw a restart isn't required, you have to open task manager and force internet explorer to close.

I did find a final solution though. I'm now using Firefox.

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deathtrap now u have firefox instead on IE does this happen with u anymore? how would i have firefox

My problem sounds very similar to yours so if you ditch IE and start using firefox instead you wont have any more problems, as the problem starts with IE in the first place (not being able to open new tabs, then other programs start messing up)

You have tried a system restore from original hp disks?
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