Laptop problem that is really difficult to replicate. On warranty.

    Hi there.

    I've got a bit of a problem. My laptop, nearing the end of its 5-year guarantee, has sporadic re-booting issues. It seems to re-boot when nudged, bumped, the screen is moved and sometimes just when you touch it around the mousepad.

    The problem is, it doesn't do it all of the time so it would probably be hard to prove. When it's happening, it does it lots. But when it's not it can go for a week without doing it.

    What would I do when ringing up about it? I can just see them sending it straight back and saying its "fixed". :-(


    Could be overheating, but I suspect its something simple thats come loose (graphics card or memory usually) so if you explain they'll probably check they are secure and it should be fine then :thumbsup:


    Get the video camera out when it starts doing it and make a short movie of it, send them that first. See what they then suggest.

    Is the any way you could make it, er, worse? Like nudging it a little harder :whistling:
    Sounds a little like maybe something is shorting out the motherboard, maybe a loose connection somewhere? Maybe open it up and have a poke around if it doesn't void your warranty.

    Yeah i would ring and explain and see what happens, could be a common issue they are used to etc.

    I had alaptop which screen kept flickering, but when i took it in for repair it didnt do it as it didnt always do it! But they fixed and put new screen in etc so they will still look into it, just explain whats happening.

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    I rang the other day but they just asked me to leave it running without the battery for an hour or so to see if it happened again...

    My nephew has had a similar problem. His is now over 4 years old and it has been sent back 6 times now in 4 months. They will fix the problem it goes in with but then comes back with a different one. The original problem was it rebooting like yours. It has just gone back in with this problem again. We have asked this time for a new laptop.
    It was bought through PC world and the customer services is appauling. Most of the time we have to ring an 0870 number as the other ones given on 'say no to 0870' are constantly engaged. They keep you on the phone for up to an hour trying different things nly for it to then go in for repairs!!!
    I would definately send it back. You have paid for the 5 year warranty so use it. Ours cost £350, so hoping that we get back at least that back.
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