Laptop problems with screen

    hi can anyone help. I have a Fujitsu Siemens laptop M1437G, i was watching dvd the other night screen went funny with lines and bright colours, switched it off and now I can only go on the internet in safe mode and still its shows dotted lines down my screen . Can anyone suggest what it could be, its just out of warranty by 1 month. Could be graphics card but I am no expert. Thanks


    Exactly the same think happen on my Presario a few months ago. I had to put in a new screen. People will tell you it is the graphics card driver, but it is not. I managed to get a replacement screen on eBay.

    After disassembling the old screen I found a hairline crack. I'm presumimg that I did it by being too heavy handed when cleaning it.

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    The wierd thing it is working in safe mode ?

    If it works in safe mode then it will be a software malfunction. I suggest you remove any software that you have recently installed, most likely a start up program.

    If that doesn't work not you may have to back up your files and re-install windows.
    Good luck

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    Thanks I have tried uninstall and putting everyhing back on. In safe mode its still got the lines down and like chequered patters. Cant get the desktop up on starting windows normal. Its wierd how it happed just wondering if it may have overheated and it has affected motherboard or graphics card. Is there a test you can run to find out ?

    reinstall windows.

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    reinstall windows.

    already tried this.
    Its a nightmare looking at a funny screen with lines and colours making me get a bad head lol

    Sorry mate cant help you much more if afraid.
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