Laptop purchase assistance please

    Hi all.

    I would appreciate any assitance possible pls. (Not specifically looking for someone to recommend a product just at this stage, just whether I have my facts correct and whether my price range is plausible).

    I am after a new laptop and I would say my top 3 requirements are:
    1) Quiet
    2) Dedicated graphics card
    3) Good battery life.

    Essentially, after a few years with a DTR i would like a relatively quite machine as opposed to my DTR which sounded like it was about to take off!, and I do not want to compromise on stuttering/buffering videos etc. I dont play many games (i.e. just football manager occassionally) but I want it to be pain-free.

    I was reading that core i3s are better than the AMD Athlon IIs, but all i3s have integrated graphics cards....Does this mean i need a core i5? I dont really want to spend more than £600.

    Also, I was only looking at Vaios but should I broaden my horizons to other manufactures?



    from what i recall all the intel core range come with intergrated graphics built in to the chip and its then upto each manufacturer if they want to then add a dedicated graphics chip on the motherboard aswell.

    Yes, quite right, you can get i3's with dedicated graphics card, but all the new intel i chips have onboard graphics cards. I have a Samsung R580 with an i3 with a dedicated graphics card and its very quiet. Course, it might not be as quiet if it were running at full tilt.
    As for battery life I found that the new intel i3/5/7's seem to have worse battery life than the old dual core chips. That may have changed in the last year since I made my purchase.

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    Hmm. Still struggling to find something sleek, powerful and good battery. Anyone know anything about the Samsung SF310?

    Are i5s noisey doing relatively simple things does anyone know?

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    I think you misunderstood. Im referring to fan noises etc with light and heavy CPU usage? Thanks

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    ...i give up!
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