laptop ram...

    how easy is it to fit? iv done pc ram before, but need some more for my lappy...


    if anything its easier as you usually have just 2 screws to undo

    i have only one


    and i my friends have six so on the ive got more screws to undo than you principle

    i win!!

    Its easier, the socket is a better design. The ram pops up to a (30 degree ish) angle when you release the clips on either side and is easy to withdraw/place a new stick in. You replace it at the same angle, then gently push it down till it clicks - shouldn't require much force at all and usually a very positive action.

    Replaced mine with ease! (Makes a change!!)
    Bought 4gb and sold the 1gb on ebay. Two screws and two clips.


    depends if it is underneath the lappy in a panel (screws to release), or under the keyboard.

    If its under the keyboard you need to run a watchmakers screwdriver round the edge, and pop it out, then you can get to the memory slot.

    Hope it helps

    It depends on the laptop, in general as jah128 has said it's normally easier than a PC as you simply remove the hatch, put the memory in at an angle and click it down. However some laptops put the memory under the keyboard which can make it more fiddly to get into.

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