Laptop RAM upgrade help?

    At current i have a 2gb DDR2 PC2-5300 333mhz CL5. (im using cpuz for specs)
    Would like another the same, will following work on the laptop..?…5RU…421

    If you have any recommendations that would be great! thanks!!


    [url][/url] you have to download a small program but it will scan your system and tell you what you need
    And their prices aren't bad

    Original Poster

    Thanks, I've done that already but it cannot detect what laptop i've got specificaly, its the medion E5312

    Having the same problem with the same laptop.

    well i'm not sure about the difference between windows and apple memory, but I would think that it wouldn't

    I think the ebuyer one should be ok though.

    Probably best if you just go the crucial site, and contact them, they're usually very good at finding out even obscure laptops memory needs.
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