Laptop Reccomendation

    Hi, I'm looking on buying a laptop for travelling round Asia for around 6 -9 months, preferably something smaller around 12-14 inch. Something able to run Sony Vegas to edit some video I will be shooting. I was looking on spending around £600 max, is it doable and what would you recommend?




    How about a surface?

    Buy Xiaomi ultrabook when you will be there



    Buy Xiaomi ultrabook when you will be there

    Or when passing through duty free

    Having done what you intend, get the lightest you can find, as the perceived weight will quadruple over some of the more "interesting" transits.
    But combine it with the biggest laptop bag you can find; most airlines dont count laptop bags as cabin luggage - and dont weight them, so great for carrying extra stuff if you are over allowance.


    Buy a good quality water filter drinking bottle and use it for all water - including bottled!!
    Dont even rinse your toothbrush in the local tap water during the summer months, the bacterial load will try to kill you!!!
    Dont wear a green hat in China.
    Dont enter/exit China by land via Hong Kong unless you are fit, and have only light luggage.
    Dont eat seafood unless 1/ you are on the coast, 2/ certain it is fresh, and 3/ miles away from the nearest city - due to raw sewage contamination.
    There are military zones in China where foreigners are not allowed - but the bus/coach drivers dont care if they have you on board, dont warn you, and dont stop to let you off. So slump down in your seat and take a few photos, if you get caught you are in deep poo anyway!!!
    Avoid electric showers, earthing is very poor due to the climate, and lots of people get electrocuted; lots of places use a hot water feed from a instant gas water heater instead.

    There are 4 basic types of single female in SE Asia.

    1/ Not interested
    2/ Want to marry you and come to the West.
    3/ Want your money.
    4/ Have a willy and either 2, 3, or both.

    Make sure you know which type you are chatting up in the bar.

    Make sure you get your shots, and mosquito repellent, the Lidl Blue Light plug-in one is very good, the gecko in our room nearly starved to death; the effective range is only a couple of metres though, so make sure it is close to the bed.
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